Argentina, Chile & Uruguay

torres del paine Chile

My agent was very professional.  He outlined in complete detail the itinerary from start to finish which simplified our understanding of this vacation spot, being here for the first time. He made himself available for questions before and during our trip. Also suggested what other important items, such as travel insurance, currency needs we should consider having. Very little action from our part was needed other than just showing up for the designated times for our tours, transport, hotels and necessary vouchers. Outside the realm of our tour, I asked my agent to arrange ticket purchases for an independent trip we wanted to do. He went out of his way to arrange it so easily.  All the logistics my agent made were thorough and complete. I am very glad I chose this company.

The people we met gave us a better understanding of their culture and customs. I have talked about going to Patagonia for a very long time, and it was as I envisioned it with pristine and beautiful landscapes as seen in photographs. Nature’s splendor is really amplified. Food selections and the variety of wines were simply fabulous!

jose vargas 3.19.2017