Beagle Channel and Isla Martina

I was very satisfied with this travel company and the owner, we had many conversations before making the reservation. I always do all of our trips without the help of companies, I kept coming back with many questions he would listen to what we wanted and he would suggest recommendations. After researching his itinerary I would always comeback with changes if I did not like the research that I did for one of the tours. The tour guides that he uses are extremely well informed and the best I had ever seen.

The only thing I suggested after the trip when he called me to find out how it went is for the company to let me know if they change a hotel or time of flights immediately. I had arrange a service for one city, but I was never told about a change of time flights until I got to Argentina. Luckily I was able to rearrange the service for another time and date without charge.

Argentina is a spectacularly beautiful country, the Beagle channel, Isla Martina in Ushuaia are great tours and their seafood fabulous. El Calafate is beautiful, Perito Moreno is amazing,  Guillermo lake in Estancia Cristina is incredible, Iguazu falls is out of this world and Buenos Aires is a great city.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

Walking with penguins in Martillo Island and seen two king pinguins among the flock. Perito Moreno and hiking on the glacier is obscene, Lake Guillermo in Estancia Cristina is the most spectacular lake I have ever seen and Iguazo falls and the hotel are great.

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?

I would do one less day in Ushuaia and add two days in El Chalen for hikes.

Review by traveler

Rene T.


2.1.2018 for a customized tour designed by Travel Agency 2308545