birdwatching argentina

Birdwatching tours in Argentina

birdwatching argentina

birdwatching in argentina

Experience Argentina is offering a private 7 day Birdwatching tours in Argentina package which has been especially designed for bird watching enthusiasts to gain access to the vast range of birdlife in the Salta & Jujuy regions of Argentina. This tour can be taken on a small group or private basis.

You will have the opportunity to see Red-legged Seriema, the elusive Huayco Tinamou, Golden-Olive and Golden-breasted Woodpeckers, Whistling Heron, Wattled Jacana, Southern Caracara, Roadside Hawk, Plush-crested Jay and Ringed Kingfisher, the rare Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, Andean Condor, Guira Cuckoo, Sooty-fronted Spinetail, Black-capped Warbling-Finch, Chaco Puffbird, Band-tailed Seedeater, Great Antshrike, Narrow-billed and Olivaceous Woodcreepers, Spot-breasted Thornbird, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Purple-throated Euphonia, Stripe-headed and Fulvous-headed Brush-Finches, Rust-and-Yellow Tanager and Masked Yellowthroat, Torrent Duck and the localized and scarce Rufous-throated Dipper.

Further details of this Itinerary is available at

This Itinerary can also be combined with the Birdwatching Patagonia tour in Tierra del Fuego, details of which are available at:

Argentina is the perfect country to start your South America Birdwatching list: within the diverse avifauna of the Neotropical region, most of the bird families and many genera are represented within Argentina’s diverse geography. With a wide variety of biomes, it projects from the cold and temperate climates of Patagonia up north, to the tropic of Capricorn. The Andes cordillera runs along the western edge, declining gradually to the east into the pampas plains to finally end on the extensive Atlantic coastline.

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