Buenos Aires and Santiago

The trip this tour company planned for us from Santiago, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, was one of the best travel experiences we have ever had.

Our tour planner tailored the trip to our desires. The accommodations were outstanding.  The private city tours were excellent–we were never kept waiting,  the arrangements were flawless. The tour planner himself met us at the airports for all of the flights and transported us, in the case of our flight home, from the local airport to the International airport, in a most timely manner. Our special experiences he arranged for us, i.e., horseback riding with a guacho, deluxe wine tour in Mendoza, tango dinner show and a unique Argentine asada dining experience another night were just what we were looking for.

Our most memorable excursion was a flight to and guided tour of the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls, a thrilling experience, not to be missed.

We highly recommend this tour company and would be happy to answer any questions about this exellent service from anyone considering a trip to South America.

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?

The horseback experience, the private city tours, the excellent accommodations, the tango show and Iguazu Falls were all memorable and made very pleasant for the two of us, who are in our late 80’s, and appreciate having our baggage handled for us and for not being left worrying about anything in two foreign countries.

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?

Would sit on the top floor of the bus over the Andes instead of the  Cama-class reserved seats we chose for comfort. The view from above would probably have been even more spectacular.

Review by traveler

Sharron M.


2.16.2019 for a customized tour designed by Travel Agency 2308545