Copa America Chile 2015

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cop america

The continent boasts four of world football’s most prominent stars, and that quartet looks set to shine in a star-studded tournament next summer.

While many remain in something of a post-World Cup daze, turning their attentions to transfer season in an attempt to battle the comedown of Brazil 2014, 10 CONMEBOL nations and a couple of special guests are already looking ahead to the next major international competition.

Copa america chile 2015 Estadio Municipal Germán Becker

100OLYMP1” by Francisco Méndez – Temuco, Chile. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.

Chile 2015 could well be the greatest of the Copa America’s long and illustrious history. Even if CONCACAF guests Mexico once again decide to play an experimental side – leaving sponsorship dollars as their only real contribution to the tournament – and Jamaica finds itself outclassed, the remaining 10 South American nations are as competitive as ever.

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