Crossing the Antarctic Circle

• Be one of the few travelers to venture to 66 degrees 33.7
minutes South
• Visit historic research stations in Marguerite Bay
• Witness abundant Antarctic wildlife, including penguins,
seals, whales and more
• Experience Western Peninsula highlights and visit iconic
landing sites
• Learn about Antarctica’s geology and wildlife from
onboard lecturers and specialists

Ushuaia, Argentina
You will begin your journey in
Ushuaia, a small but bustling port
town at the tip of South America. This
Argentinean town is an ideal gateway
for you to explore the southern extent
of Patagonia while preparing for
your adventure ahead. Get active in
the mountains or enjoy handcrafted
chocolate at a café in town.

Embarkation Day
The Beagle Channel sets you on
your way as the ship sails in the late
afternoon. The channel opens up to
the vastness of the Southern Ocean,
where your next land sighting will be
along the Antarctic Peninsula. Named
after the famed ship in which Charles
Darwin voyaged, the channel presents
great photo opportunities to capture sea
birds hovering overhead

DAYS 3 & 4
Crossing the Drake Passage
The waters of the Drake Passage are
unpredictable, so hope for clear skies
and a calm ocean. You’ll have plenty of
time to gaze out at the sea, get to know
your fellow shipmates and chat with
your Expedition Team.
Time over these two days will be
spent preparing for the exciting days
ahead, with numerous educational
and informative lectures from your
Expedition Team. You’ll learn about
everything from safety procedures to
the history of whaling in Antarctica.

Antarctic Peninsula & South
Shetland Islands
With the Drake Passage left in our
wake, we make our approach to
Antarctica. Get your cameras ready
as the continent’s coastline will make
its first appearance, signaling the start
of your adventure in the realm of the
Antarctic. You’ll see plentiful floating
icebergs and be fixated on the ocean
surface as curious whales spout and
breach before your eyes.
As exciting as it can be from onboard
the ship, your true exploration occurs
when you disembark and set foot on
the great continent. There are several
potential landing sites we may visit,
including Neko Harbour, Orne Harbour
or Paradise Harbour. While weather
dictates which specific landing sites
we can visit, each one presents a
new collection of wildlife and natural
Your days will be busy spotting wildlife
and being mesmerized by the beauty
of Antarctica. Watching penguins
waddling on the beach and listening to
the crackling and crumbling sounds of
icebergs and glaciers will become your
daily entertainment, while kayaking
with whales and polar camping are
optional activities available on select
voyages (at an extra cost).

DAYS 8 & 9
The Antarctic Circle
Crossing the Antarctic Circle is an
impressive achievement, as most
expeditions to the Peninsula do not
reach this far south, which is officially
noted at 66° 33’ S. You and your
shipmates will celebrate in style with a
well-earned glass of champagne!
Make a toast and take pride in knowing
you’ve made it to a part of the world
visited by very few people.

DAYS 10 & 11
Northbound Along the
By now, your knowledge of Adélie,
chinstrap and gentoo penguins will be
matched by your ability to differentiate
between a leopard, fur or Weddell sea.
Terms like ‘bergy bits’ and pancake
ice will seem normal too, yet there
are still many tales to be told. As you
head north, Zodiac excursions will
continue to fill your days, while the
Expedition Team will continue to
offer presentations, while giving you
time to reflect on everything you’ve

DAYS 12 & 13
Crossing the Drake Passage
Re-crossing the Drake, Antarctica fades
away and you’ll be left with a collection
of memories to last a lifetime. Excited
conversations with your newfound
friends will make the crossing fly
by, regardless of weather and sea
conditions. Your Expedition Team will
round up their series of lectures as
well, perhaps with a slideshow of the
great landing sites and wildlife you’ve
witnessed over the course of your

DAY 14
Disembark in Ushuaia, Argentina
Today you’ll say goodbye to your
Expedition Team and fellow travelers,
and disembark in the morning to catch
your homeward bound flights.

• Shipboard accommodation with daily
• All breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks on
• All shore landings per the daily program
• Leadership throughout the voyage by our
experienced Expedition Leader
• All Zodiac transfers and cruising per the daily
• Formal and informal presentations by our
Expedition Team and special guests as scheduled
• Photographic journal documenting the
• Waterproof expedition boots on loan for shore
• Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock
• Hair dryer and bathrobe in every cabin
• Comprehensive pre-departure materials,
including a map and an informative Antarctic
• All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges
throughout the program
• All luggage handling aboard ship
• Emergency evacuation insurance to a maximum
benefit of US$100,000 per person
• Group transfer in Ushuaia from airport to pre-
expedition hotel on Day 1
• One night pre-expedition hotel accommodation
in Ushuaia with breakfast
• Group transfer from hotel to ship on
embarkation day
• Group transfer upon disembarkation in Ushuaia
from the ship to the local airport

• International/Internalairfare. Contact Experience
Argentina for flights & accommodation in Buenos
• Passport and visa expenses
• Government arrival and departure taxes not
mentioned above
• Meals ashore unless otherwise specified
• Baggage, cancellation, interruption, and medical
travel insurance
• Excess baggage charges
• Waterproof pants for Zodiac cruising, or any other
gear not mentioned
• Laundry, bar, beverage and other personal charges
unless specified
• Phone and internet charges
• Voluntary gratuity at the end of the voyage for
shipboard staff and crew
• Additional overnight accommodation
• Optional kayaking activities

Booking an Adventure Option on your expedition
is a great way to enhance your polar experience.
These options are subject to availability and fill up
quickly, so be sure to book yours early. Please note,
Adventure Options are weather dependent.
Imagine gliding along the surface of a bay in the presence
of icebergs and glaciers! Our kayaking adventures are the
best way to feel at one with the sea. Taken in small groups of
16 people, multiple times per voyage, kayaking adventures
are only conducted during calm weather conditions. We
recommend you have some prior kayaking experience,
including the capability to do a wet exit.
The kayaking adventure option is open to all levels of experience. However,
we advise that kayaking in polar waters is not an activity for first-time guests.
Beginners interested in kayaking, should first take an introductory kayaking course prior to their voyage.
In addition, regardless of your experience, we recommend kayaking lessons for
a minimum of three hours in preparation for your expedition. It is of the utmost
importance that you be comfortable while kayaking in order to maximize your
enjoyment and your overall experience.

Feb 12 –Feb 25, 2017
Mar 1 –Mar 14, 2017
14 Days


Description: Not only does this expedition include the most in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, it also offers the opportunity to venture further south crossing the Antarctic Circle. As you head towards a milestone few travelers reach, you’ll feel you are in a world without borders, sailing through an endless stretch of sea, snow and ice. Dramatic ice formations will ignite your imagination as you search the landscape for the wildlife that calls it home. Whether it’s humpback whales alongside the ship, a leopard seal diving beneath your Zodiac, penguins sliding into crystal waters from an iceberg, or a giant petrel soaring above cracking sea-ice, you’ll experience a sensory overload in Antarctica like you’ve never felt before.


Feb 12 –Feb 25, 2017
Mar 1 –Mar 14, 2017

Amy Allred Melchior (6)


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