Estrella Wetland

Estrella Wetland

Estrella Wetland

Estrella wetland

La Estrella Wetlands, together with Brazilian and Iberá wetlands (the latter in the province of Corrientes) is one of the most important ecological reservations of the continent. It is inhabited by aquatic birds, capybaras, neotropical otters, boas and yacare caimans. During the rainy season (summer) the flood produced by the Pilcomayo river creates a large lagoon that permits boat sailings.

Wading birds (storks, herons and jabiru) also appeared to nest and share territory with otters, alligators, viscacha, capybaras, anteaters. The Estrella has “high” and “low” forests. Among the tree stands taller black and white carob, quebracho Colorado and Blanco, mistoles, guayacanes and white sticks are counted. While “low” forests are represented by species such as chañar, water primrose, vinal, the itín and cross bar. Floating plants such as water hyacinth sprouts out lining much of the water, giving it a very peculiar appearance.

The Estrella is considered the third most important Pantanal wetlands of South America after Brazil and the Ibera Marshes. In this world wildlife reign, black birds and alligators live, giant river capybaras, boas and anteaters, among other species.

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