Hiking Patagonia

DAY 1: El Calafate –Torres del Paine to complete 5 day W Circuit

Early morning Private Transfer from El Calafate to Puerto Natales

Transportation from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park (Laguna Amarga Main Entrance), the trip lasts about two and a half hours (112 Km), with a short stop at Cerro Castillo Village. At the moment you arrive to Laguna Amarga entrance you will have to acquire your Park entrance ticket US$25 and take the shuttles that will be waiting for you to take you to Las Torres sector where our Refugio Torre Central is located.

Day 2: Trekking to “BASE TORRES” (7 – 8 hours; 13 Km).

Recommended hour to start: 9.00 AM.

The first hour and a half walking is steep with fantastic views of lake Nordenskjöld and Almirante Nieto Mn (2.670 m.s.n.m), with it’s hanging glacier until you reach Refugio El Chileno to recover energies and leave your luggage. Then carrying just a small back pack, you will continue the trail through a millenary Lenga forest (1 hour) until the base of “the moraine” which challenging ascent (45 min), will take you to one of the most impressive lookouts in the park: “Base of Torres del Paine” where you will have the view of Torre Sur (2,850 m.s.n.m.), Torre Central (2.800 m.s.n.m), Torre Norte (2.600 m.s.n.m) and Cerro Nido de Cóndor. Accommodation: Refugio El Chileno Difficulty Level: High.

Day 3: Trekking from El Chileno to Los Cuernos Refugio (4 – 5 hours, 11 Km).

Recommended hour to start: 9.00 AM.

About 30 minutes after leaving Refugio El Chileno you will notice the sign to take the “shortcut” that leads to Refugio Los Cuernos. The trail goes through the Base of Almirante Nieto Mn. – part of the Paine Massif-, with great views to Nordenskjöld lake; from December the flora presents different colours specially the “Ciruelillo or Fire Bush” which take its name from the red colour of its flowers. After about 4 – 5 hours you will get to the Base of Los Cuernos where our Refugio is located, considered by many, one of the most charming sites in the whole park, a perfect spot to rest and recover energies for the next day challenging trek: “The French Valley”. Accommodation: Refugio (Difficulty Level: Medium)

Day 4: Trekking to French Valley (10 – 12 hours, 25.3 Km).

Recommended hour to start: 8.00 AM.

The first 2 hours are with some ascents and descents and views to Nordenskjöld Lake until “Campamento Italiano”, at this point we recommend you to contact CONAF staff so you can leave your Big Backpack with them and start the next part of the trek with a small day backpack. The ascent goes for about 1 hour and a half until French Glacier lookout, where you’ll be able to observe its hanging glacier and opportunities to observe small avalanches. After that the trail continues until “Campamento Británico” and after about 20 minutes you will reach the lookout point considered by many as one of the most overwhelming spots in the Circuit: “Mirador Británico”, where you will admire: “Paine Grande”, “Cerro Hoja”, “Cerro Máscara”, “Cerro Catedral”, “Cerro Aleta de Tiburón”, “Cuerno Norte”, etc. The return is the same way back to “Campamento Italiano”, and then to Pehoé sector. Accommodation: Refugio Paine Grande. Difficulty Level: High.

Day 5: Trekking to Grey Glacier (8 – 9 hours, 22 Km).

Recommended hour to start: 9.00 AM.

Trek to Grey Glacier lookout (roundtrip). The trail goes through the western side of the Paine Massif with views to Grey Lake and Mountains. After 1 hour and a half you will reach the first lookout point, where you may observe Grey Glacier in the distance, then and after 1 and a half / two hours you will get to the Main lookout, in front of the glacier. The return is the same way back until Pehoé Lake to take the Catamaran that crosses Pehoe Lake to Pudeto sector, where your bus will be waiting for you to take you back to Puerto Natales. Difficulty level: Medium. W CIRCUIT TREK INCLUDES:

  • 4 Nights of accommodation in Refugios with sleeping bag or made up bed ** Made Up Bed: sheets+pillow+cover bed.
  • Transportation in Regular/Public Bus from Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales.
  • Shuttle from Laguna Amarga main entrance to Las Torres sector.
  • Catamaran Pehoé (Lake crossing from Pehoé sector until Pudeto sector to connect with the regular transportation to Puerto Natales).
  • All meals at the Refugios (breakfast, lunch box, dinner). Day 1 just dinner, day 5 just breakfast and box lunch.


  • Private guide
  • Medical insurance
  • Entrance fee to park

Overnight in Puerto Natales, Wescar Patagonian lodge

Day 6: Puerto Natales to El Chalten


Private transfer to El Chalten

Accommodation at Hotel Poincenot

Day 7: Begin Main View Points 6 days trek.

This amazing trek, for intermediate hikers, gets you to to mostamazing corners of Los Glaciares National Park. With all the main points covered you will get off the trail to the amazing views of the Southern Patagonean Ice Field. Non technical skills required. Good Physical Condition.

6 days.  5 camping nights. (Fraile, Poincenot, De Agostini, Toro)  Backpack weight: 10-15 kg.  Level: Demanding.  From 2 to 8 people.  October till April.

Camps are all arranged, so you wont have to carry any gear, just lunch boxes and personal gear. This program was made to give you the possibility, to in only 6 days, get to see the main and most popular view points in the park with different landscapes and terrains. We start in Electrico Valley, where we will appreciate the North East Face of Mount Fitz Roy, the Piedras Blanca Glacier and later on Laguna de los Tres. We will continue the hike towards Torre Valley, where we will see Cerro and Glacier Torre and continue towards Paso del viento through De las Agachonas Pass making a stop in Toro camp.

Previous mountaineering experience is not required for this hike, But a good physical condition to overcome long journeys to upto 8 hour hikes.

Meeting with the guide to check the gear.

A transfer will take us up to Rio Electrico bridge 20 km away from town. From there we will get on the trail towards Piedra del Fraile Camp, where we will find a small refuge with some services. Here we will appreciate Ñire and Lenga trees. Once in the campsite, we will set camp and pack a small backpack to go on a day hike on the valley up to Pollone River. We will spend the night in Piedra del Fraile.

This hike does not have significant elevation.

All meals Included.

Duration: 6-7 hs


Early in the morning, we will hike by Rio Blanco River up to Piedras Blancas Glacier. After a while appreciating this amazing glacier we will hike up to Poincenot Camp, the Fitz Roy Base Camp, and set up our tents. Once we are set, we will get our small backpacks and head the trail towards Laguna de los tres with a 400mts elevation. Here we get the most impressive view of Mount Fitz Roy and its glaciers. After appreciating Laguna de los Tres, we will hike to see Laguna Sucia from the top. This is an impressive view, since its glaciers are hanging over the lagoon and breaking constantly and our view from above, over 500mts makes it magnificent. After this we will head back to camp.

All meals.

Duration 7-8hs.

800mts elevation.


From Poincenot we will hike to De Agostini Camp, hiking by Madre and Hija Lagoons, with Fitz Roy massif on our back. Once we arrive and set up camp, we will hike to Maestri View Point where we will get to appreciate Grande Glacier and the famous Cerro Torre and its entire splendor. We will head back to Camp and spend the night.

All meals included.

Duration: 5-6 hs.

Elevation: 350mts.allí.

Av. Lago del desierto 250, El Chalten (9300)


We will head to Fitz Roy river´s headwaters where we will cross a zip line onto the other side. We will remount in the woods, on de Las Agachonas Pass, and will appreciate a different view of both Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy. This Pass will take us upto Toro Valley where we will find our next campsite.

All meals.

Duration: 6-7 hs.

800mts de desnivel.


After breakfast, and a 30-40 minutes of hiking, we will cross the Rio (river) Tunel, either by wading through the river or using a fixed cable and harnesses, this will depend on both, the conditions and the guides decision. We will continue the ascent towards Paso del Viento. The main part of the ascent is on trails, moraines and the Túnel Glacier. From here we will appreciate a part of the Patagonian Ice Field, the nascent of Glaciar Viedma, and Cerro Mariano Moreno amongst others. We finish our hike and head back to Toro Camp.

All meals.

Duration: 6-7 hs

Elevation: 900 mts en ascent. 400 mts en descent.


We will hike back on Tuner River´s valley, looking back and surprising ourselves about the places we left behind. We will cross the Loma del Pliegue Tumbado, and from there we will see the Viedma Lake and the entire Fitz Roy Cord. We will continue the hike up to el Chalten where we will celebrate our return!

Breakfast and lunch.

Duration: 6hs.

Accommodation at Hotel Poincenot

Day 13: El Calafate


Transfer to El Calafate

End of services


  • Certified Mountain Guide.
  • All meals in el Chalten Area, cook in campsite, domes for dinning.
  • All Camping gear, sleeping bag as well.


  • Personal Gear


Backpack 30-40l.

3 pair of socks.


Wading Shoes. Crocs or similar.

Headlamp or flashlight.

1L Bottle.

Syntethic underwear.

2 fleeces or similar.

Waterproof Jacket (Gore-tex or similar).

Down Jacket or similar.

Hiking poles.

Sunglasses with UV protection.

Sun block.

Waterproof Overpant (Gore-tex or similar).  Gloves (2 pairs).

Cup or similar.

Hiking Boots.



Net cost per Person: US$5367 on a double basis

13 Days


Description: This 13 day package has been specially designed to experience the natural wonders of Argentina whilst hiking Patagonia

Departs:  Every Day

FROM US$ 5367