Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

Learn Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires: What better way to immerse yourself in Argentine culture than by learning the Spanish language (castellano for the Argentines).

Over the past 10 years Argentina has become an increasingly popular country to learn Spanish. Despite being 13 or more hours away from continental Europe, (slightly less from the U.S), Argentina, and in particular the capital city of Buenos Aires has seen a huge growth of tourists from all walks of life descending on the country. Despite its modern, European feel, there’s no denying that Argentina is still very much a Latin American country, and provides an intriguing, fascinating and stunning cultural backdrop to students wanting an authentic Spanish studying experience. In comparison with studying in Spain, Argentina is certain to throw up some unexpected and memorable experiences along the way and offer an insight into a totally different culture.

You have a choice to attend morning classes 9am – 1pm or Afternoon Classes 2pm to 6 pm

US$215 per week