Wild Life of Argentina

Day 1: Travel from Buenos Aires to Mercedes

Take an overnight sleeper bus to the town of Mercedes

Day 2: Arrival to Mercedes

Transfer to via 4x4 a Hostería Rincón del Socorro

The next three days are spent in the Ibera Marshland, where many delightful activities await the nature lover, such as nature walks, boat trips, horse riding, night safaris. Vizcachas, burrowing owl, crab-eating fox, brocket deer and Geoffroy's cat are just a few of the exciting wildlife present in this area. Accommodation: Hostería Rincón del Socorro. 3 nights

Day 3: Hosteria Rincon del Socorro


Day 4: Hosteria Rincon del Socorro


Day 5: Mercedes to Iguazu


Transfer to Posadas via 4x4 where you will board a coach and Travel to Puerto Iguazu

You will go to St. Georges hotel where you will spend the next 2 nights.

Day 6: Iguazu Falls Argentine side


Pickup from your hotel and transfer to Iguazu Falls

Argentine Falls Tour

Today you will enjoy a full day tour of the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls. During the tour you will get ‘up, close and intimate’ with views of this unforgettable section of the Iguazu River. Our guide will show you the hidden gems of this unique National Park in the lower and upper walkways and will take you off the beaten path to show you the best views. Trails through the 210 square mile reserve provide visitors with various views of the Falls, especially the largest one, Devil's Throat. The mist over the Devil's Throat is such that endless rainbows are formed. Expect to  get wet today and feel exhilarated with the spray and close contact with the sheer power of the falls. The ecological train ride is included in the tour.

Options available:

Jet boat ride under the falls at a cost of US$75 is available for purchase on day of visit whilst in the park. Return to your hotel St. Georges in the late afternoon.

Day 7:
Yacutinga Lodge


Transfer from hotel to Yacutinga Lodge where you will spend the next 2 nights

Includes Activities and meals.

Introductory explanation about the environmental problematic of the rainforest

  • Guided activities (Naturalist English speaking guide + Auxiliary guide during the excursions):
  • Half day interpretative walk
  • Kayaking along San Francisco stream and Upper Iguazú River
  • Night walk
  • Guaraní afternoon
  • Environmental activities
  • Rights to enter the Yacutinga private Reserve
  • Naturalist English speaking guide + Auxiliary guide during the excursions
Day 8:
Yacutinga Lodge


Day 9:
Yacutinga Lodge – Buenos Aires – Puerto Madryn


Transfer to Airport to take flight to Buenos Aires and connecting flight to Puerto Madryn

Second Stage

Arrival at Trelew Airport

A chauffeur will be waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel Dazzler Puerto Madryn Lodge where you will spend 3 nights.

Day 10:
Puerto Madryn & Peninsula Valdes

Early morning departure with our bilingual guide who will take you on a full day's tour of the Valdes Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage site.We will arrive at Isthmus Carlos Ameghino from where it is possible to see at the same time Nuevo and San Jose Gulfs, visit the Interpretation Centre and see the Birds’ Island. This is a small island connected to the continent during low tides where visitors are not allowed. A wide variety of birds arrive during their breeding season: seagulls, flamingos, herons, cormorants, ducks and penguins among others. The tour continues to Caleta Valdes where there is an important settlement of Southern Elephant seals. Further along you will arrive at Caleta Valdes, a large natural creek that is home to a colony of sea elephants. After admiring Caleta Valdes you'll continue along the road as it drops suddenly down into a crescent of golden cliffs overlooking a bright blue bay and the small village of Puerto Piramides. Here herds of southern right whales tend to arrive in June. You will take a boat trip around the Golfo Nuevo bay and watch these immense creatures gliding past. The peninsula navigation allows you to get unusually close to the whales. You will even get wet if they jump! While the whales may be seen from late June to mid December, the sea elephants and sea lions are permanent residents. Following your tour you will return to your hotel in Puerto Madryn.

Day 11: Puerto Madryn Punta Tombo

Breakfast Full day Punta Tombo Penguin rockery   Punta Tombo is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, 150 km from Puerto Madryn. During the warm months(September to April) Punta Tombo reserve is home to the world's largest colony of Magellanic penguins. Spending much of their lives in the water, these penguins return yearly to the Patagonian coast to court, breed, and raise their young. Approximately half of the colonies of penguins that nest at Punta Tombo burrow underground. Males arrive prior to the females, preparing and settling into their old nests. When the females arrive, they search out their lifelong mate through a series of calls and a chorus of answers. After an elaborate courtship, the female will lay one egg and both male and female will share the two-month incubation. Once the baby penguin, or chick, hatches, the parents will forage for food, feeding the chick by regurgitation until it can fend for itself. After the chicks learn to swim, the family will return to the ocean and migrate north to southern Brazil. Some Magellanic penguins may migrate 3000 miles round-trip between Brazil and Patagonia. When the immature penguins return to Punta Tombo the following year, they will moult their feathers, and breeding will once again resume. Besides penguins it is also possible to see many other kind of birds in the area.  During the transfer to Puerto Madryn, the tour stops at Gaiman, one of the oldest Welsh colonies in the area, where it is possible to taste an excellent tea with homemade cakes.


Day 12: Puerto Madryn to Puerto Deseado

Travel by coach to Puerto Deseado Head south to Comodoro Rivadavia and continue to Puerto Deseado (350 kilometres) - the drive should take approximately six hours.  For the next three days you explore Rio Deseado and Isla Pinguino. Both areas are protected nature reserves of great ornithological importance, hosting the only continental settlement of rockhopper penguin, but also the black-browed albatross, brown skua, magenallic penguin, blue-eyed cormorant and southern giant petrel. Accommodation: Hotel Acantilados, 3-nights


Day 13: Puerto Deseado



Day 14: Puerto Deseado


Day 15: Puerto Deseado

Breakfast Travel by coach to Comodoro Rivadavia and on to Airport to fly back to Buenos Aires

  • Breakfast
  • Meals were indicated
  • Transfers as listed
  • 3 nights Rincon del Socorro
  • 2 Yacutinga Lodge
  • 2 nights St. George Hotel
  • 3 nights Dazzler Puerto Madryn Lodge
  • 3 nights Acantilados
  • Tours & activities as listed


Not Included:
  • Internal Flights
  • International Flights
  • Access to National Parks



Net cost per Person: US$2975 on a double basis

Wild life of Argentina



This 15 day package has been specially designed for nature lovers to see and experience the natural wonders of Argentina.


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